If you have not heard of Anne Geddes before, it is more than likely that you have at least seen her maternity and/or newborn photos. She is most known for her brightly colored sets and elaborate props. Her signature designs and unique costume choices have caused her popularity to skyrocket and she is now known globally by photographers and non-photographers alike. Most notably, she has been published in eighty three different countries and she has sold more than eight million copies of her books worldwide.

While Anne Geddes takes a variety of different photos in different settings she always strives to capture the preciousness and innocence of each newborn in every photo she takes. Her newest book is called “Small World” and like her other books it features newborns in various sets and poses. She is an inspiration to newborn photographers alike, and certainly sets the bar high for other photographers across the world.

Crystal, one of our highly praised photographers, recently went to an event featuring Anne Geddes. The event occurred on Thursday, June 22nd between 12:30 PM and 2:00 PM. At this event she had the opportunity to meet her as well as purchase and get her new book signed. Yello! a small dance/yoga studio in northeast Fort Lauderdale hosted the event and attracted all different kinds of people from every culture. Crystal notes “There was a steady stream of people coming and going”, further exemplifying Anne Geddes’s prestigious position within the photography community.

The event allowed you to purchase Anne Geddes’ newest book “Small World”, and then you could meet and/or get your book signed. At the event, Crystal brought a book she had previously bought in addition to purchasing her latest book. Anne Geddes was very surprised to see it but elated nonetheless. She told Crystal that it was one of her favorites. She greeted Crystal warmly and signed both books with heartfelt messages.



Thank you Yello! and Anne Geddes for a wonderful afternoon.

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