Frequently Asked Questions

Within the safety and privacy of our gorgeous 1930’s Spanish-style boudoir photography studio–complete with pine wood floors and a fireplace. Our studio is centrally located in Fort Lauderdale and is surrounded by a number of different places to eat and/or explore.

Don’t worry, all of our images are fully retouched.

The session is a flat fee of $150 (plus tax) and it is due at the time of booking to secure your session. We do not charge extra for additional poses or wardrobe changes. This flat rate will provide you with everything you need for an amazing shoot. Your fashion consultation, investment session, our time and talent are all included. Photos are additional.

Overall, for all photo sessions you can think of everyone who will be photographed as one outfit.  Limit the colors to only 2-3 colors and repeat these colors in everyone’s outfit.    Layering your outfits with vest, jackets, scarfs, jewelry, and accessories will allow a more stylish look and allow everyone to wear something in the color palette.   Avoid patterns and bold colors as this will be a distraction in the photo and single out the person wearing it.  Bring your options and our wardrobe stylist will help you finalize your outfits just before your sessions.

Pintrest has some great ideas for inspiration just type in your pintrest search browser: family photo shoot outfit ideas and include the color you wish or the season.

For our maternity sessions we provide the one and two piece dresses and men’s clothing.  Our wardrobe stylist will work with you and your partner to plan your session.

Your next step is to call to reserve your appointment.  All you have to do is give us a call and schedule, we will help you with everything else.

No we have everything you need here. From dresses, to jewelry, to props and more, we provide a full wardrobe with endless options. For your partner, we have beautiful linen clothing in both dark and light colors.

We typically photograph everyday women and families and we don’t expect our clients to know how to pose or how to get there kids to pose. Posing is our specialty.  We will direct you and your family through each pose that will be tailored to you and your family.   For the Mom’s and Dad’s We will work with you to make sure we accentuate the features you would like to showcase and/or or skillfully hide the features you do not want to showcase.  For the kids we have all sorts of tricks up our sleeves to work with you child geared toward their age group.  To top it off it will be a fun experience for all.

Every woman’s pregnancy is different and every woman carries differently. Generally the best time for pregnancy photos to be taken is seven and a half months.  If you are carrying on the larger side of pregnancy than plan on coming in earlier, if you are on the smaller side plan on coming in a little later.

As far as when is the best time to photograph your newborn.  Every newborn is different and hit different milestones at different times.  Generally the best time for newborns to be photographed is within the first 3 weeks of birth.  Pre mature babies can wait 3 weeks after there due date or six pounds.

Please call our studio so we can further assist you what would be your or your babies best time to be photographed.

No, all our images our fully re touched. It will be our secret.

While we have a massive and eclectic wardrobe, we encourage our clients to bring any items they would like to be photographed with or in. Clients often bring: baby shoes, sonogram, a specific prop, or something that matches the theme of the baby’s room. It’s all up to you!

We specialize in all different types of maternity photography. Just by scrolling through our gallery, you can see every woman or couple has their own style. Whatever it is you’re looking for, we want to make sure you always remember these moments.

Yes we do. We highly recommend adding hair and makeup because our artists are the best in the industry and doing so will completely transform your look. Call and ask how you can add hair and make up to your session.

Yes.  We have all kinds of different products at different price points. We also offer a payment plan.

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